Exercise and Pregnancy- It's effect on Pregnant Women

Exercise and Pregnancy

Giving a medication for pregnant women is a complicated process.
Before obstetricians and gynecologists determine the dose of medication that is best for a condition without adverse side effects for the mother and baby, patient age is taken into consideration, health in general, tolerance for medication, the number of months before delivery,  and other medication that the pregnant patient can take.

Prescription exercises for pregnant women must be as scientific as they are accurate. The type, frequency, intensity, and duration of a "dose" exercise are essential. Healthy and powerful training from one person can be dangerous for the other. These dangers can be greater in pregnant women because they are more likely to have tensions and other serious side effects for the future mother.

However, if the exercise is to be performed and performed within a normal average range, the exercise has no effect on general pregnancy status and in particular on childbirth.


High quality prenatal care must be given to a mother during pregnancy. You must be prepared for the normal delivery of a healthy baby. Complications must be avoided at all costs.

All these things mean that a pregnant woman needs to be treated so she doesn't have to do heavy work, but she doesn't have to stay in bed and stay inactive until she gives birth to her baby. .

As a result, the condition of the pregnant woman varies depending on the growth and development of the baby next to her belly. That is why it is imperative that your doctor provide adequate health advice during your visit.

In addition, it is important to maintain the active life of the pregnant woman to promote good health for both the baby and the mother.

Physical conditions such as blood pressure, weight and health status are usually checked during a pregnant woman's visit to her doctor. For this reason, it is essential to remember that exercise can be the most important factor in keeping these aspects in good condition.

As health experts say, a pregnant woman needs sufficient physical and emotional information to prepare for delivery. She needs practical health messages to stay healthy and keep the baby healthy.

Therefore, for mothers or pregnant women who do not yet know why they should strive for moderate and normal exercise, here is a list of some of their benefits so that they understand why pregnant women should exercise regularly

1. Challenge against fatigue.

When the muscle gets tired, it produces less force. To perform a task, such as climbing stairs or snow shovels, more muscle units are needed to support tired muscles.

Tired muscles are less effective and less effective. Therefore, this will put more pressure on the pregnant woman because of the weight that accumulates continuously every day. That is why tired muscles usually cause leg cramps or muscle aches.

What every pregnant woman needs to know is that exercise improves the condition of her muscles and her ability to work longer without fatigue.

2. reduce back pain

Even when you stand or seat, some muscles work and relatively simple postures can get tired. For example, the muscles of the lower back may become exhausted by the attempt to stand when a pregnant woman remains motionless for a few hours.

With exercise or daily walk out, a pregnant woman can correct this error by developing her posture.

3. Increase the amount of oxygen.

Work and exercise depend on glycogen, a substance produced by the body from complex carbohydrates and stored in the muscles and liver. The contribution of glycogen in muscles determines and limits the duration of the activity. Exercise depletes glycogen in the muscles and causes fatigue.

However, when glycogen is depleted by intense activity, it is replaced in larger quantities than before, as if the body had recognized the need for a larger amount of fuel.

Therefore, oxidation is essential to convert glycogen into energy that pregnant women need to move a finger, flex a muscle, or exercise the lungs and heart to breathe a little during normal birth.

These are just some of the benefits of excecise for pregnant women.

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