3 Ways You are being Defrauded by your Health Insurance Company

The growing number of consumers who have taken out health insurance has led to the spread of fraudulent health insurers. These providers often focus on new pensioners, seniors and small business owners, who cannot negotiate better rates with legitimate insurers. Be very careful before you invest in a health policy. Read on to get an idea of the 3 ways your health care provider can scam you.

1. Non-payment of claims

In general, scammers hire a large number of people quickly with lucrative offers. These insurance companies continue to pay low premiums and medical claims, but if there is high demand or if regulators do, these illegal companies disappear as if they never existed.
Be careful if you receive late payments or if your service provider offers a false apology for not making payments. If you have subscribe for these illegal plans, you may also be responsible for the medical bills of your employees.

2. Health plans without a permit

If the company where your health insurance was issued to you is not licensed by the State Insurance Commissioner, you may experience problems. If all the protection rules in insurance rules do not apply to your service provider, the company may be false. In this case, your service provider cheats on you by selling health licenses without a license.
Iagents of nsurance company are not allowed to sell ERISA or legitimate union plans, as they are regulated by federal law. Therefore, if your insurance agent tries to mislead you into selling an ERISA or trade union plan, report it to the insurance department.

3. Unusual coverage offered at lower rates

If you take advantage of unusual coverage, regardless of your condition, at a lower rate and with much greater benefits than other insurers, it's time to panic. Don't be fooled by the lucrative offer, otherwise you can take a walk. The purpose of the "scammers" is to collect large quantities as quickly as possible. They try to sell a maximum of policies at attractive prices.

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