Canon Collins Postgraduate Scholarships South Africa 2019/2020

Canon Collins Postgraduate Scholarships South Africa 2019/2020

Canon Collins Trust has announced Masters scholarships for eligible students from all Southern African Countries. The Trust provides R65,000 annually for Masters and PhD level and strong academic background students may receive up to R100,000…..


The Canon Collins Postgraduate Scholarships South Africa 2019/2020 is meant to foster development in Southern Africa in areas of, human resources, social and cultural progress. This is therefore, is expected to nurture the high caliber elites who will in turn translate knowledge to developing their communities.
The Trust scholarship beneficiaries must be committed to developing their communities after benefiting from the scholarship.
In The last 3 decades, Canon Collins Trust has funded studies for over 3,000 inspiring individuals who are now working in various governments departments, NGOs, business and universities in their countries.
The Canon Collins Trust scholarships are divided in to different categories, that is to say, some scholarships are run in partnership with United Kingdom universities, Commonwealth and British Foreign Office.

Eligible Courses: 

The scholarship will cover the following area of study:
  • Justice, that will entail Law, Economics, Politics and Environment
  • Education: Courses on Policy and Practice
  • Humanities, studies in Literature, History, Anthropology & Arts
Courses such as MBA, medical/Applied & Sports sciences are not covered by the scholarship

Selection Criteria for the scholarship:

Eligible scholars to join the 2018 United Kingdom Scholarship Program MUST,
  • Show proven commitment to serving their communities
  • Relevant work experience and skills
  • Monetary need
  • Potential to contribute to their communities’ development
  • Good academic record and significance to the planned course of study
Applicants are required to have a high standard of written English with no mistakes When completing the application form
Attention to detail when answering questions and submission of all the required documentation plus other supporting documents is required for you to get the scholarship..

To be eligible you MUST;

  • Be from Southern Africa or have been granted a refugee status in any country in Southern Africa.
  • Have Residence permit/status in any country in Southern Africa
  • Have a good first degree, at least second class, upper division or equivalent. Applicants who are in the process of graduating in the year of application are also accepted
  • be studying or applying to study at a South African university

Scholarship package

Scholarships In 2017 are going to be valued at R65,000 every year of study at Masters and PhD level. However, students with excellent academic record may receive up to R100,000 yearly.
There about 20-30 scholarships to be offered.
The scholarships are granted for both full and part-time study and distance learning.
The deadline for application is 19th August 2019 (Offered Every Year).
Go to the scholarship website below to apply

Source:  Afriwidescholarships

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